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Retractable Pool Enclosures for Canadian Weather

Covers In Play designs and manufactures state-of-the-art architectural enclosure products in Canada for our Canadian weather. Our enclosures are automatic, electrically operated, and fully retractable system that can open with a simple push of a button. This is the most modern technology you can find in a pool enclosure worldwide!

Moreover, COVERS in Play Play pool enclosures allow homeowners and their loved ones to swim all year long in their pool, transforming it into the perfect summer oasis no matter the weather. Regardless of the weather outside, it will always feel like summer around the pool area with a strong enclosure.

As mentioned, COVERS in Play builds fixed and electrically operated pool enclosures that opens with a push of a button. This allows people to maintain comfy temperatures in the pool area throughout the year. Pool enclosures protect you from the elements during the winter season. When warmer weather arrives, you can open the enclosure partially, letting that lovely fresh spring air come in without affecting the indoor temperature. Once summer comes, you can open your pool enclosure completely, letting the sun in for you to soak up all that heat, and keeping cool in the pool.

Framing System

COVERS in Play framing system is made from extruded aircraft aluminum using patented designed splice plate assemblies that are truly unique. The enclosure framing assemblies do not require hammering to assembly, which can cause damage to the assembly and construction of the aluminum frames.

Besides the custom splice plate design, the aluminum framing of the enclosure is prestressed using stainless steel rods. That way, the enclosure can endure heavier snow and wind loads.

The COVERS in Play patented framing system also creates a larger clear end wall and vision areas with a slender support design. As a result, you can take advantage of the warm sun while still staying protected from its harmful UV rays.

The enclosure will also be light enough for fluid retraction movement but still have the necessary strength for the highest load requirements to comply with your area's local building code.

The enclosure's system is made of light structural aluminum extrusions, clear acrylic side, end wall panels, and polycarbonate roof panels fabricated into movable bays made to slide over or under each other.

COVERS in Play enclosures are specially designed for clients to use all year long. You can enclose the area under the most extreme load conditions, whether wind or heavy snow.

Patio Enclosures

COVERS in Play doesn't only create enclosures for pools, but for patios and restaurant patios, too! Such patios are usable outdoor spaces adjacent to residential or commercial properties. People can enhance that space's functionality with a retractable patio enclosure throughout the year.

Whether you use your patio for the swimming pool, as a dining area, lounge area, or whatever space you think of, COVERS in Play’s enclosures will allow you to enjoy the outdoor area during any weather condition and time of the year.

Clients can completely or partially open COVERS in Play’s retractable pool enclosures and roof enclosures using a motorized drive system. The patented drive system will manage all of the enclosure’s physical movements with a click of a button

Regardless of the area's size and shape, you can consult with our experts to learn the best solution for your property. Whether it's for your home, patio, event venue, restaurant, or other areas, COVERS in Play can design and build the appropriate retractable enclosure or fixed enclosure that meets your wants and needs. The company will provide installation consultations and services for pool domes and enclosures. The specialists ensure that the installation is done on time and within budget, regardless of the design.

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Architectural Quality Paint

COVERS in Play uses the highest quality architectural paint in their enclosures’ aluminum framing finishes. The paint can come in various colors for better design to seamlessly match any home or commercial area.

Such paint finishes have excellent qualities. They are resistant to color change, chalking, chemical cleaning, humidity, and gloss shifting. That way, the framing can withstand years of use without impacting the enclosure’s look and feel.

Furthermore, the architectural paint used meets the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2605 specification criteria. COVERS in Play's superior engineering offers a 20-year warranty on our enclosures.

The photo gallery above are samples of the different retractable pool and patio enclosures we can be built based on our client's design requirements and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a retractable pool enclosure?

    Imagine a solarium or sunroom on wheels, and that’s a retractable pool enclosure. Such enclosures offer a real indoor setting allowing you to feel as if you were outside. But unlike solariums or indoor swim spas and pools, retractable enclosures open up your yard, giving you the best of the indoors and outdoors!

  • What are retractable pool enclosures for?

    Retractable pool enclosures are made for swimming pools, spa pools, and hot tubs. But you can also use retractable enclosures for other purposes, like roofs, indoor pools for hotels, restaurant patios, as well as covering decks or patios like solariums and sunrooms.

    When you connect your enclosure to the home, you create easier direct access to your pool during the colder winter season.

  • What benefits do retractable pool enclosures provide?

    Retractable pool and patio enclosures can help extend your pool and accessories’ lifespan, along with reducing the maintenance time, efforts, and costs in the long run.

    Moreover, retractable pool enclosures can extend your entertainment and exercise area throughout the year and protect homeowners from bugs, insects, and animals like screen enclosures. You also get an entertainment and exercise area all year long, among other great benefits.

  • How do retractable pool enclosures work?

    Retractable pool enclosures are also called telescopic pool enclosures. These are made of individual telescopic bays. When they retract, one will go inside the other.

    Every bay would have its own wheels mounted on track systems, so they guide every section as it opens or closes. You can open an enclosure completely or partially, with automated drive systems handling the enclosure’s physical movements.

  • Can you use pool enclosures all year long?

    Yes, they can! Covers In Play's enclosures would trap solar energy even during cloudy days. Similar to sunrooms, enclosures would increase air temperatures by around 10-20 degrees C (18-36 degrees F) when completely closed.

    If you have heated pools or swim spas, the heated water is also considered an additional heat source. In many cases, the sun's heat and water help keep the area at a comfortable temperature when the enclosure is closed. In northern areas that experience intense winter seasons, Covers In Play can offer additional sources of heat, such as air handlers and hydronic floor designs suggestions.

  • How do you open retractable pool enclosures?

    All our enclosures are made with our patented automated drive systems. You only need to push the button for the enclosure to open or close automatically. Large enclosures open completely in minutes.

  • Can retractable enclosures go over existing restaurant patios and pools?

    Yes, it's almost always possible to install an enclosure over existing inground pools or restaurant patios. That way, you can create outdoor areas when the enclosure is open or indoor areas when closed.

  • How long will it take to order and install enclosures?

    The amount of time depends on the enclosure's size. It can generally take about 8-12 weeks after the building permit is approved until the enclosure is completely installed and fully operational. The installation itself would take around 10-15 days within that period, though it will depend on the design and model.