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COVERS in Play retractable pool enclosures allow our clients to use their swimming pool area all year long, transforming their outdoor pool area into an indoor oasis. By keeping summer inside the enclosure allows for endless summer fun and relaxation while keeping everyone protected from harsh weather, no matter how awful it is outside. Whatever Mother Nature fires your way, we have you covered. No more harmful UV rays during the long days of summer nor the freezing arctic air in the middle of a Canadian winter can get in and wreck your day.

Another benefit that is often forgotten. Having a pool enclosure lowers pool maintenance - no leaves, debris, dirt or sticks to clean, vacuuming or skimming. The swimming pool area stays neat and clean, no need for constant maintenance. That will be a faint memory of the past. Spend more time enjoying the indoor area and less time looking after it.

There are numerous benefits with COVERS in Play. Our retractable pool enclosures open with a simple push of a button to any position. The enclosure can be opened fully on a beautiful midsummer day for the sun lovers in the crowd or partially opened in early spring to let the fresh air in. When the weather is nice and a summer storm approaches, no worries. The retractable roof quickly closes with a simple push of a button until it passes and then within minutes, it can be opened up with ease again with no effort to enjoy the fresh summer air and sunshine again. Whether it is a retractable pool enclosure or retractable roof or as a complete building, the Covers in Play system can be opened or closed safely and quickly by a push of a button with the patented electric automated drive system.

The key benefits of the COVERS in Play Automatic Pool Enclosure system are:

  • Simple, patented automatic drive system
  • UV inhibiting glazing
  • Keeps animals, insects, dust, leaves and debris out of the area enclosed
  • Solar heat gain increases internal temperatures by as much as 20°C/36°F
  • Use the enclosed area in bad weather and extend its use in spring and fall
  • Use your pool in the dead of winter – at any temperature outside
  • Helps maintain your water temperature – saving water heating costs
  • Less cleaning time required
  • Less chemicals required
  • Less energy costs for heating pool water
  • Less evaporation of pool water
  • Keeps unwanted guests, children and animals out when locked up

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